Welcome to the home of the official Phish.in' chatbot, a frontend for the Phish.in' web service.

Once integrated with your Slack or Discord group, you can talk to the bot by mentioning its name and then entering a command.
You must always mention the bot, even while in a direct message channel with it.
For example, a complete command looks like this: @phishin top 5 shows

Chat Commands

helphelpEntering the keyword "help" returns a helping friendly response.
{date} [more]1996-12-31 more
Jul 31 2013
feb 23
Sending a date returns show info and setlist.
Adding the keyword "more" displays more detail.
{selector} [{count} {entity}]
random, any
first, debut
last, recent
top, liked, best
top 3 shows
random hoods
longest track
recent tweezer
Sending a selector followed by optional count and entity ("track", "show", or partial song title) returns the requested data. The entity may be pluralized.
jamchart [{song}]jamchart
jamchart tweezer
Sending `jamchart` returns a random Jamchart, optionally constrained to a song.